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This podcast is your daily dose of information about two cool projects in the NFT space which are now hot and deserve your attention.

I’m trying to save you time from browsing discords and listening to Spaces with project teams to find projects with doxxed teams that have interesting roadmaps and communities.

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#62 Daily NFTs Minute – Onchain Block Invaders

Today I’m talking about one of a few new fully on-chain projects called Onchain Block Invaders (OBIs) OBIs are 5400 evolvable NFTs which are sitting fully on chain. Just one OBI has 1024 variants of skins and colour palettes. They are starting with the lore of light and dark side where initial mint was light…

#61 Daily NFTs Minute – Nemus

Today is about NEMUS saving rain forests What the team at Nemus aims to do is to save Amazonian rain forests through NFTs and by on-the-ground action with local communities. They are minting now and I highly recommend you go check their cool minting experience where you are choosing from the map a physical piece…

#60 Daily NFTs Minute – The MEMEs by 6529

MEMEs by 6529.  It’s his side project (apart from his open-metaverse OM) making MEMEs front and center of our current #web3 and #NFTs culture. I guess I can say that his tweets “Seize the memes of production” are iconic and with help of different artists he’s transforming this ethos into awesome NFTs where some are…

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I’m a decentralized version of me here. Learning #NFTs and #DeFi and taking you along for the ride so you could enjoy the space but save some time researching projects and doxxed teams.

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Tiger Nudie is a reliable helper on each episode research and one of the right-click save jpegs from the Nudies community. When she’s not helping me, she’s browsing metaverse.

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