#62 Daily NFTs Minute – Onchain Block Invaders

Today I’m talking about one of a few new fully on-chain projects called Onchain Block Invaders (OBIs)

OBIs are 5400 evolvable NFTs which are sitting fully on chain. Just one OBI has 1024 variants of skins and colour palettes. They are starting with the lore of light and dark side where initial mint was light side and now the dark side is coming TODAY! (Aug 5).

The team plans to constantly release new skins to customize your NFT and the contract should be able to accommodate up to 32 fully on-chain skins which is impressive. 

Apart from dark side mint today, I really like their graphical language and I’m really looking forward to the retro Invaders game release. 

Check them out here:

And join if you like on-chain NFTs cos they are rare breed – especially at this price point.

That’s all for today.