#61 Daily NFTs Minute – Nemus

Today is about NEMUS saving rain forests

What the team at Nemus aims to do is to save Amazonian rain forests through NFTs and by on-the-ground action with local communities. They are minting now and I highly recommend you go check their cool minting experience where you are choosing from the map a physical piece of land you’ll buy as NFT. There are different sizes and different prices so you can start as low as 0.06 ETH (if I remember correctly). 

The way it works, you mint/buy a mint ticket(s) for your chosen size/price which you can then use to claim the land (of a given size) and you choose the land-slot from the map where you can see other neighbors. How cool is that! 

The team has been working in this space for a long time and they are already taking action on the ground. If nothing, you should know that Zeneca_33 is a big supporter and the guys are very dedicated and cool, definitely in it for the long run.

Shouldn’t we all be in it for the long run?

Check them out here: https://nemus.earth

Cheers till tomorrow.