#60 Daily NFTs Minute – The MEMEs by 6529

MEMEs by 6529. 

It’s his side project (apart from his open-metaverse OM) making MEMEs front and center of our current #web3 and #NFTs culture. I guess I can say that his tweets “Seize the memes of production” are iconic and with help of different artists he’s transforming this ethos into awesome NFTs where some are just scary doom AI scenes, and some are poster-like which I like the most. Posters are my thing!

What I also like is the fact that 6529 is using this project as a way to learn more about NFTs, how artists work and what it entails to aim for fair and broad distribution, and what it takes to fight bot armies. Important to say that the whole project is CC0 and there are already awesome derivatives being made right now.

What you should do for sure is to follow @punk6529, listen to what he says and act on it – especially on security side of things! And also remember, whatever metaverse you decide to join, the open metaverse is a huge topic and a thing which can make our future more hopeful!

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