#59 Daily NFTs Minute – Betwixt NFT

Today I’m talking about Betwixt NFT

It’s a project with evolving generative art which I’ve been watching for several months. It has very cool headline: Playable, immersive NFTs that help you befriend the voice in your head. 

The whole idea behind Betwixt is to build human mental resilience, both in the metaverse and IRL. I love it! It’s based on long term research and created as a play-to-thrive game with 11 quest adventures with evolving generative art sculpted by your choices – you progress from Seeker, across Hero to final Architect of your new story. How cool is that, right!

By owning a Betwixt NFT you become part of a movement to build human resilience. Betwixt is being built by fully doxxed team of 7 professionals, experts from multiple fields – from therapy professionals to designers, researchers and developers. There some impressive personalities among the team and advisors. All of them on a mission to help 1 billion people turn the voice in their head into a powerful ally. Backed by Gala Games and working with over 6k+ testers in past 2-3 years it is now getting really close to announcing a mint date and becoming a reality.

Betwixt started in 2019 to stake a radical new vision for the future of mental wellness when they’ve taken some of the most effective tools for self-reflection and built them into an immersive experience inspired by Myst and Lord of the Rings.

Mint date shall be announced next week and mint prices should be 0.05 ETH for WL and 0.07 ETH for public sale. And when you finish with the game and decided to re-sell the NFT if will reset for the new owner, but still remember your history, so after a few resells it might be pretty interesting to replay the history (if there will be a way to do that!)

Well, that’s all about Betwixt for today. Check them out here:

Cheers till tomorrow!