#58 Daily NFTs Minute – Duhverse

Today I’m talking about the project called Duhverse;

This is a project which started as an experiment of a bunch of college friends about a year ago. It turned into a great springboard and the initial team went on to create other cool projects while still keeping Duhverse alive and turning it into a good starting point for Web3 newcomers. 

You can jointheir Duhcademy and level up your web3 skill. There are courses available on Duhverse discord. Friendly community and overall it seems like great place to start even if you don’t own Duh Lamb.  

There are now two existing collections: Pioneers of the Duhcademy – called Lamb Duhs and pixelated and animated variants of the PX Duhmension – called Lamb Duhs PX. Both are very affordable NFTs with floor prices starting below 0.02 ETH.

Looks like there are still more things coming – e.g. mysterious metadata upgrade for the original Lamb Duhs, which will come into play for the yet unrevealed “Project Empyrean”, next Duhcademy developments including beginner web3 developer training, new NFT Worlds development with more games and ways to play.

If you’re new to web3 and want to meet helpful people and learn new things, Duhverse is one of the communities to consider.

Check them out here:

That’s all for today. Cheers till tomorrow!