#57 Daily NFTs Minute – Fringe Drifters

Today I’m talking about the project called Fringe Drifters;

Fringe is one of the “movie NFTs” projects, but this has larger ambitions – it’s not only about funding sci-fi movie but about (hopefully) developing and funding the whole franchise around the movie which would then be owned by the community. Their plan is to first create a movie and then building it out from there hopefully mostly financed by NFTs and voted on by the community. 

I love it. Big plans and team with a mission and clear reasons why they don’t want to do it traditional way. And in my eyes, movie franchise is kind of like building a brand around any interesting story – which is what all NFT projects eventually try to do.

What you will get as a Fringe NFT holders – first you’ll get PFP type of NFT of a Drifter. As a Drifter owner you will have a chance to compete to have your character in the first film and in a variety of in-universe stories as they develop. You’ll have an opportunity to win super rare NFTs of the film’s lead characters together with all sorts of opportunities to make creative contributions to the universe and win rewards. 

What I’m excited about is a chance to gain in-depth access to the filmmaking process with perks like prop giveaways, set visits, film premieres… The power to vote on creative decisions and the future of the franchise

Minting shall happen in May or June with price TBD. Clearly, fully doxxed team of film makers is also considering current market conditions and how it may effect the mint. 

Check them out here:

That’s all for today. Cheers till tomorrow!