#56 Daily NFTs Minute – True After Life

Today I’m talking about project called True After Life: 

After Life is kind of dark themed project which revolves around themes like death, horror, revenge, afterlife, souls, etc.  It is a 3D NFT project which plans to artistically explore together with a community, the questions about what happens to us after life ends. 3D NFTs are rendered with great attention to detail where different traits affect e.g. lighting/reflections on other traits. 

The After Life Genesis collection was planned to be 1100 NFTs, with 999 available for sale but I believe the team decided to cut the supply to 300 NFTs for Genesis collection. That means they actually never made it to public mint, it was all sold-out in pre-sale yesterday. Well, teams have to do what they have to do to survive in less hyped market now and cutting supply to be “Sold Out” is one of the tactics.

Anyway, Genesis is only the beginning of the AfterLife ecosystem which is coming and shall provide exclusive benefits to holders as the project evolves. E.g. each Genesis NFT will get automatic WL to the Phase 2 ‘Immortals’ collection or will be airdropped an Immortality Antigen. On the roadmap there are exclusive WL giveaways, After Life’s larger collection – Immortals, token, Immortals evolution and with all that you’ll receive ownership and commercial usage rights for your NFTs.

So as of now you can get Genesis on OpenSea pre-reveal with floor at 0.155 ETH. 

Check them out here and decide for yourself:

That’s all for today. I wish you wonderful weekend wherever you are!

Cheers till next week!