#55 Daily NFTs Minute – The Clinic NFT

Today I’m talking about The Clinic:

The Clinic is investing is an interesting project with, I’d say, all-star female team. Interesting because of its large ambitions and because it decided by a community vote to give-away for free the rest of their NFTs collection after pre-sales mint. If you are interested to join ambitious project at its start, then you are right on time, because part of 10.000 Iconic NFTs created from 330 hand-illustrated characteristics, backgrounds, accessories and hairstyles will be distributed in coming days to the community with reveal on May 9th.

The fully doxxed team is led by Camille Dargan; an entrepreneur and former marketing executive from Google, Meta and Uber. There’s a team of six mission driven females with a proven busienss track record and includes highly skilled artist, tech magician, biz dev and partnerships guru. 

The Clinic is driven by a desire to improve equality and diversity in tech space as well as to provide access to easily accessible mental wellness space. Post mint they also plan to launch a VC incubator which will invest in startup founders from diverse backgrounds who are building in the Web3, Technology, Healthcare, Education, and EJI spaces. There’s also a plan to establish a career mentorship program for high school graduates to launch their careers in corporate America, web2 or web3. 

Long-term the team plans to continue the work in the tech industry, mental wellness space, and social justice. In the long term, they want to develop mental health clinics around the world with hopes of bringing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to the masses in an affordable way. Additionally, they hope to develop technology to dramatically improve mental health and self-esteem by leveraging brain-transcription technology that will stimulate a consistent positive feedback loop…

It does not sound like your typical PFP project, right! Great! There’s a lot going on in the project even now so check them out here:

That’s all for today. Cheers till tomorrow!