#54 Daily NFTs Minute – She Leads

Today talking about She Leads

She Leads is one of these projects which grabs your eyes when you see the art. Then you read that project is about women empowerment and it’s ok, but there are many projects like this and I talked on Daily NFTs Minute about many of them, so that’s not really unique. What I find unique is that She Leads is creating the first web3 magazine focused on equality, diversity and the empowerment of females and minorities in the space. 

I like the idea of a web3 magazine. The first edition focuses on translating real world activism into web3 – cool topic, made me curious! And also my fav project @NotYourBroNFT will be featured in their first magazine. The utility of the NFT is, of course, community and a subscription to this magazine; and you should expect it to be filled with up-to-date news, educational tools, artwork, interviews, and the stories of those navigating our new web3 world.

Project has a star female team, led by women rights activist Goli who had to flee Iran to UK because of her women rights activist work. Which sounds scary…

Mint date and price still TBA for their 10.000 NFTs collection, which is good because community is still small. Discord is alive and I have no doubts about the team’s decication, so it’s only matter of time before larger community will form around this project.

Check them out here:

That’s all for today and cheers till tomorrow!