#52 Daily NFTs Minute – Fleeboys

Today I talk about Fleeboys NFTs

It’s one of these projects where team is visible everywhere on Spaces (at least recently) but the launch and mint are super slow, because the community was still small to start with. But slow mints can be discouraging.

I like the mission of the project and I’m happy to shine a little bit of light on it. Hopefully it can help.

Fleeboys NFTs are a 10k collection reflecting fashion, style, culture and community of NYC. This project is made and inspired by mother and son team’s story, where Trey, age 22, has beat the odds of growing up in Brooklyn. They want to encourage young people to get involved in positive activities such as arts and technology, instead of drugs, bullying and mindless games.Β 

They are also partnering with You Gotta Believe, an organization that helps teenagers in foster care find permanent families in NYC. Obviously NYC, like any large metropolitan area, is not an easy place to grow up and I like projects focusing on real-life issues in their vincity because it makes the roadmap and plans very real and relatable as well as belieavable. 

Fleeboys are fully doxxed crew, they are minting now for 0.04 ETH and I suggest you check their art, cause and plans, and maybe help them move things forward.

Check Feelboys here:

Today, I also wanna do a quick shout-out to Pastel Persons who are going to launch their Pastel List mint today April 29th. For more details check the episode #48 where I talk about them.

In case you were waiting for pastels, here they come πŸ™‚

Find them here: https://twitter.com/PastelPersons

And that’s it for today.

Cheers till tomorrow!