#51 Daily NFTs Minute – today about NeonPantheon

Today I’m gonna talk about NeonPantheon

It’s one of the projects I’m watching (and part of) for a long time. It’s Their upcoming Ascendend collection shall be coming any day – but team is still teasing!

NeonPantheon is a project with fully doxxed team which is bringing experiential augmented reality, real interactive minting experience and which promotes cultural diversity and inclusion. Mouthfull, I know, but I’ll explain.

The main idea behind the project is an experiential Augmented Reality. Where your deities (NFTs) exist in a realm only accessible by Neonites, worshippers of the deities. The purpose is to guide humanity towards mutual respect among races, cultures, and financial classes. Let’s celebrate humanity and all its differences. That’s why all deities are genderless and have traits from mix of different cultures.

Neonites are humans = me, you, owners of deity NFTs. You are the one responsible for writing a story of your deity and spreading the word. Deities are unique and have traits that are inspired by different cultures and they are all genderless.

Genesis deities tend to take on timeless ethereal forms and are identified by their open eyes, a symbol of enlightenment. There are only 888 of them. There will be 8000 Ascended Deities – identified by their closed eyes, as a symbol that they have yet to find enlightenment.

On the roadmap after Ascension launch are things like Shrine builder (already working), AR app allowing you to place your shrine anywhere in the world, own token called $FAITH which will be free to claim for Genesis holders (come and get one) which will allow for number of cool things like claim of incense box rewards with surprises (like WL spots, shrine customisations, etc.) or ability to ascend the soul of an NFT from another project (e.g. @BAYC into Bored Ape Deity) – which should be cool!

I know from Spaces where NeonPantheon guys have talked that they’re constantly building and thinking about more cool stuff so I’m confident there’s more cool things coming …

Check out NeonPantheon here:

Cheers till tomorrow!