#49 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Miss O Cool Girls NFTs

Today is a short Easter episode where I talk about Miss O Cool Girls NFTs (MissO for short): 

MissO is aiming to support girls and what it means to be a female of the future because there is no one definition of what it means to be a girl. From the creators of “Miss O and Friends” which is supposed to be the #1 tween girls social network and brand established since 2005. The MissO is a series of 10,000 NFTs inspired by drawings of Juliette (one of co-founders) when she was 10 and illustrated by her mom, Hermine (second co-founder). So it’s mom – daughter duo entering NFTs space.

On the roadmap there are things you’d expect like – web3 edu, events, podcast, 3D airdrop to 2D holders (nice) and there’s a merch shop in collab with 12 year old blockchain designer Ariella Maizner and that is also cool idea!

The MissO project is minting slowly since March 30 for friendly price of 0.04 ETH. I believe there are less than 500 minted so far and while I like the effort and mission, it seems that the team doesn’t really know how to walk the NFT space and they hoped for their current IRL community to jump into NFTs and it probably haven’t happen (just yet).

Anyway, check MissO here:

That’s it for today. I wish y’all Happy Easter! 

Cheers till Monday!