#48 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Pastel Persons and 10y old Flora Malu

Today I’m talking mainly about Pastel Persons:

I thought I talked about Pastel Persons before, but apparently I haven’t and it’s a mistake I need to correct. PPs are women-led NFT project made up of 8,900 randomly generated pastel persons (male, female, kids, etc.) which I like – hopefully I find one like me 🙂 It’s family-friendly NFT where the team decided to abolish the whitelist grind and everyone can join pastel-list.

Their mission is to onboard women, youth, and other under-represented demographics into Web3 and to provide educational resources for the community.

They are donating to Girls Who Code and have their own Pastel Mentorship program – you can join as mentor or mentee right now and help with hands-on effort to onboard women and families into the space. (I have to join that one to see how it works – really curious)

What’s also cool that they have already purchased two plots of land in the metaverse and are running a competition with an architectural college program in Denmark to utilize their 3D modeling and architectural skills to create two buildings -The Clubhouse and the Art Gallery.

Recently announced mint date is April 29 at the family-friendly price of 0.04 ETH.

Community is slowly growing but I keep seeing PPs team regularly on Spaces so it’s a surprise that there are only around 4k Twitter followers. You are still early. If you want to join a project for the community and learning and support then join this one. Don’t join for hype because that’s not happening here.

Check Pastel Persons here:

The shoutout for today goes to Flora Aurelie Malu

Flora Aurelie is 10 y/o girl who loves to create art and illustrations. She apparently likes flowers and animals. Collections are managed by her dad who’s photographer, so overall artistic family. I like pieces in Foxes and Originals in her Polygon based collections.

When you check her Twitter account you’ll see that Kids in NFTs is a topic on the rise, which is great!

Check Flora here:

That’s it for today. Have a great day!

Cheers till tomorrow,