#47 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Fortuna NFT and She Survives NFT

Today I’m talking about two female led NFT projects;

The first one is Fortuna NFT:

Fortuna is female led project on a mission to empower, educate and support women in web3. The project has Brasilian roots. Check founders Jess, Sarah and Daira and their artist Pxlpxi. Artists on the team have drawn professionally for the likes of Disney and Nike, and had their work featured in international magazines such as Vogue and Cosmo, so you are in good hands.

The roadmap is simple and clear – mint, create DAO, donation and create Angel Fund. It seems important to the team that the portion of sales will go toward building a shelter for abused women. Big part of DAO work shall be Angel Fund which will help proliferate female web3 presence. And I think there’s already a first supported artist from Angel Fund – 23 years old Brasilian illustrator @illustramanda!

Fortuna NFT is a collection is 7,777 hand drawn Fortuna NFTs, slowly minting now for 0.077 ETH.

Check them out here:

The second project is She Survives NFT:

Which brings to NFT space 10,000 survivor women finding beauty in themselves! Created by Ashley Duncan with help of Erin Gambrel and Sondos Gamal they plan to send 40% of proceeds after sellout go to @AmericanCancer and to support women affected by cancer. 

Great mission, small community. Project is slowly minting from end of March with price 0.05 ETH. Team is working hard to promote it, I’ve heard them on Spaces, but it’s also visible they have other things going on and that might be why it has slower lift-off. 

As for the roadmap -> highlights are certainly American Cancer support nad Tesla giveaway! There shall be merchandise and IRL events planned to celebrate our SheSurvives family, charity auctions and more! Through Erin (aka @theblondebroker) the project is connected  to Unique Unicorns NFT.

Check it out here:

That’s all for today. Have a great time and cheers till tomorrow!