#46 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Aeternals – how game is saving rainforest

Today I’m talking about the NFT game with the planet-saving idea behind it and it is very cool. 

Aeternals are 10.000 impact-driven NFTs.

Elements are inspired by the native flora of the Amazon mimicking the rainforest’s biodiversity. Each NFT has 3 stages of evolution coded into it – depending on how you engage with the game – BUDDING, BLOOMING, and ENLIGHTENED. Being in an Enlightened state has other extra benefits. If you loose interest your island will degrade back to budding stage.

From raised funds, 55% will go towards the protection of the Rainforests of Central and South America via Rainforest Partnership (well known non-profit) and towards purchases Carbon Credits (via ClimateTrade partnership) which shall make the project carbon neutral.

Owning one Aethernal will grant you access to an interactive game environment, a community of like-minded collectors. and not only that – you may win a small batch of ultra-rare NFTs which include things like the rights to name newly discovered species on the Amazon, and physical access to tours by indigenous communities of the Amazon (with more to come in the future).

What is different from other projects is the fact that the game will be ready at the launch of the project! So no wait and see if they really deliver. Digital art looks cool – Aeternals look like small bonsai islands which change in kind of tamagotchi style as you interact with them.

The launch will be via Nifty Gateway, which means you can use your credit-card directly to purchase Aethernal.

What is also very cool is that the whole project uses real-time environmental data from the real Amazon forest to feed our NFTs and game environment (rain, sunshine, daylight patterns…etc.). With the volume turned on, you should be able to listen to a 24-hour track of an actual rainforest of the regions being supported through Rainforest Partnership.

And just in case you did not know – World Rainforest Day is celebrated annually on June 22nd.

The mint date and mint price are still TBD, even though I’ve heard on Spaces it should be soon 🙂

Check Aeternals here:

Cheers till tomorrow.