#45 Daily NFTs Minute – today about NotSoDead NFT and Ukraine_DAO

First I talk about colorful NotSoDead NFT:

It is a project of an artist Laura inspired by Day of the Dead celebrations in hispanic cultures. Great tag lines like Everlasting Beauty, Eternal Bonds, Living Memories actually fit very well into the atmosphere of the website. There will be a total of 10,000 Not So Dead Catrinas created out of 250+ unique traits. 

Mint timing was just recently announced -> May18 pre-sale, May 19 public sale and each artwork will cost – 0.05 ETH (or 0.04 ETH on pre-sale). Which means pretty reasonable pricing.

Holders of Not So Dead Catrinas will have a fun & cute piece of art and will be eligible to participate in holder-exclusive giveaways like Hoodies and ETH to some lucky holders when project will reach minting milestones. And of course later will come more contests and priority in future collections.

For the roadmap, I would say, don’t expect much more than charity donations. This is one of these projects where you (as a community) will have to figure it out together with the artist after mint-out. Artists are not necessarily the best roadmap writers – nor they should be.

Check Not So Dead Catrinas here:

And today I’d like to do honorary mention for Ukraine DAO

as kind of a reminder that the war is still continuing and people are suffering. I recommend Ukraine DAO as your source of information and receiver of support for the brave fight which people of Ukraine are fighting now.

Check all necessary info here: 

That’s all for today guys and gals interested in NFTs! 

Cheer till tomorrow.