#44 BackpackBuddiez + Eliz

Today I’m talking about Backpack Buddiez and 6 year old artist Eliz.

First – Backpack Buddiez

I accidentally bumped into this project which has some cute art focused on kids and has a nice tagline – backpack Buddiez helping each other.

It is a collection of 10.000 Buddiez generated from over 300 traits. Founders want to create strong community to help kids learn and transform their neighbourhoods through action. They also want to build two schools (!) in partnership with BuildON – which is well-known non-profit that already built over 2.000 schools in rural villages in 8 different developing countries. There are also things like merch, 3D buddiez, IRL events, stories, and more on the roadmap.

Team of eight is doxed and includes young teacher, couple of artists, mod, dev and project lead. So on the surface it looks well organized, but community building results don’t really confirm that “we know what we’re doing” feeling. Given that they wanted to launch on April 7th the community is very small.

Before publishing the podcast and writing this summary the team announced push of the mint date for later. They didn’t say the date yet but acknowledged the need for time to build larger community so they could fulfil their goals. Congrats to them for taking responsability.

Once new date for mint is fixed you can count with presale price of 0.03 ETH, and with public mint price of 0.033 ETH.

WEN MINT? April 7th 2022 (moved to currently unknown date)

Check them out here:

And I’d like to do a special Honorary mention for Eliz: 

Eliz is now 6 years artist doing NFTs probably for over a year now. Why it’s cool, well, the first thing when I said it you definitely thought – sure man, it’s her parents (probably dad) doing things and putting out some drawings, but wait – I’ve heard the kid on Spaces to talk about her collection and love for animals and that just makes it so cool and real that it’s unbelievable. 

Sure thing I hope her parents are taking care of the things but the girl is a hustler kid and definitely deserves a shoutout.

Check the youngest artist I know in NFT space right here:

That’s all for today fam! Cheers till tomorrow!