#43 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Shinsekai

Today I talk about Shinsekai

Shinsekai is one more manga/anime inspired project which is minting soon. It has cool looks and doxed team, plus real advisors which worked in NFT space, so it should be safe minting experience.

Shinsekai is an anime and manga brand that attempts to build the greatest NFT manga community and be a bridge between web2 and web3 manga worlds. To achieve that, they will publish a manga book called Futuros. All characters from Futuros are part of the upcoming NFT collection. Shinsekai team wants to also create a Mangaverse, start a clothing brand, then develop other related products revolving around Shinsekai Corp. They will be providing a way for their members to use their favorite characters as avatars in virtual reality. For me, the art produced till now in sneak peeks is very cool, but I’m no manga expert.

Joining Shinsekai means you will become part of probably the largest web3 Manga & Anime family. And it’s true that the community is already huge: discord with 80k+ people and Twitter with 140k+ followers.

Mint is coming up on April 7th with price of 0.15 ETH. 

I’m looking forward to watching this develop because the art looks great and I’m a modest fan of manga and anime and I am not that much Azuki fan.

If you consider joining, check them here:

Cheers till tomorrow,


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