#42 Daily NFTs Minute – today about PaperHands NFTs

PaperHands NFTs

Today I’m talking about PaperHands NFTs. It’s a paint2earn game which I consider a cool motive and I like their art. I’ll will watch it carefully after the reveal. If anyone wants to play while drawing, there’s a simplified version of the game already running on Discord, you have levels, prizes etc. If you like drawing and guessing definitely check it out.

The project is minting now (started from Mar20) for 0.08 EHT. You can mint 2 NFTs from the total supply of 8.888. Currently, there’s about 25-30% of the supply minted. Reveal is coming any moment – during NFT LA IRL party.

I think the team expected to mint out right away but they scared people during the mint by moving funds from one wallet to another and people screamed rug! Which is fair cos the team is not doxxed. As a fixture, they should be on NFT LA organizing their first real IRL event for PaperHands holders, so that could fix the problem with doxxing.

On Twitter and discord, they say all the right things – even though obviously they seem more nerds than marketers. But it seems they want to continue building and growing the community so I’d give them a chance once they doxx themselves in LA.

Check them out here:

Cheers till tomorrow,


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