#41 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Euphorians and World of Noun

Euphorians & World of Noun

The first project, I’m going to talk about today is called Euphorians: 

and it caught my eye with their art. It’s kind of flashy, trippy, colorful, and feels refreshingly different. Just check their website and sneak peeks on Twitter and you’ll see a skeleton astronaut, a floating brain of a man, a wonderfully colorful man with mushrooms on his head, and more. Just cool stuff.

Not that I’m much into psychedelic and mental health but I discovered that I minted a number of projects from that sphere but it all started with their PFP art and possibly interesting discord community.

Euphorians are now minting their Genesis collection which has 6,969 NFTs. Their mission is to have the highest quality art which should in future collections be a bit less “human” like (just alpha I heard in some Spaces).

You should be soon able to stake your Euphorian and earn $Eurhoria token. Nice name and mushrooms on the coin are a nice touch. There are some collaborations coming and also a chance to have your Euphorian customized by an artist. So if you have enough $Euphoria and an idea you might be on the way to have an absolutely unique  NFT. Of course, there are also metaverse plans, IRL events, and 3D collection.

The team is fully doxed. The mint price is currently 0.06969 ETH and you can mint now because public mint is in progress. You can also check the secondary market on OpenSea for already revealed pieces.

I’d recommend going and checking the project and its art. Other utilities will come down the road.

Check them out here:

The second project I briefly mention today is cc0 project World of Noun:

which is bringing to life 2,222 Nouns reimagined from the Doodles, DeadFellaz, Alien Frens, and XCOPY universes while putting nouns at the center. There are some quite unique pieces so check them out. They are also currently minting for 0.022 ETH.

Check them out here:

That’s it for today. Cheers till tomorrow!


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