#39 Colorful Rebels + Ukraine_DAO

Ukraine_DAO + Colorful Rebels

Today I continue in the March theme of women led projects because if you look there are many.

Today’s project showcase is called Colorful Rebels;

Colorful rebels are fem led project, or maybe I should say it is a project led by young couple, where Fientje, a 26 year old graphic designer from Belgium, is the prominent person.  Her mission is similar to many others; it is to create a platform to welcome women from anywhere into Web3. 

While it’s a worthy big mission, it has become kind of generic claim, which if not backed by more concrete ideas or really passionate community building actions before mint, may not work as lore for many. There are some concrete action on the roadmap like the purchase of NFTs from other female led projects or artists at 75% mint and airdrop for genesis holders. This is actually your chance for 2-for-1 deal, just get a Genesis Colorful Rebel and you will be airdropped Colorful Rebel(s) when they mints. Genesis collection is nice showcase of drawing process from Fientje, so I kind of like it.

Otherwise the collection will be 6.666 Colorful Rebels. Mint should be for 0.07 ETH launching in Q1-2022. And since Q1 is heading towards the end, it might be soon.

Check them our here: 

One shoutout today goes to Ukraine DAO;

if you are wondering how to support people of Ukraine in their fight this is a good place to go.

That’s all for today! Cheers till tomorrow at episode #40!

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