#38 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Diamond Handbags

Diamond Handbag NFTs

March tradition continues so today I’m talking about female led project which is also targeting mainly females (at least I assume that).

The project I’ll talk about today is Diamond Handbags:

From a team with decades in the tech & luxury space comes a new take on Luxury within NFT space. Diamond Handbag is certainly not your typical PFP. It is aiming at collectors who love luxury handbags and want to have fun and want to show their taste off.

The fun part comes in right at the launch; You will have a chance to customize your bag NFT(s) before final minting and some traits/elements will change daily in the mint shop during minting window so rarity will be a mystery until the end. Obviously depending on how many minters will choose any given trait. I think this is really cool!

So you choose and customize your bag and once done just click mint and secure that design. Reveal will be instant so you can show off your new arm candy immediately. 

To me the whole idea sounds cool. I’m not handbags expert but I like the team and their enthusiasm. Minting is in March with price TBD.

Check them out here:

That’s the project intro for today. Stay safe and remember that small acts of kindness can go a long way.

Cheers till tomorrow!

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