#37 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Latino Society

The Lation Society + Support Ukraine

The project I’m gonna talk about today is called Latino Society:

In the tradition of March as Women History Month, it is the women led project with fully doxxed team. Latino Society wants to – celebrate talent and energy and I also see colorful vibe of the Latino community. Collection will feature 10,000 unique NFTs that transport your PFP to a beautiful destination evocative of our Latino heritage.

I like the slogan: “Join the party, meet amazing people from around the world and be part of the movement of latinos in web3”.

Latino society is about access and education. They plan to use proceeds from mint and royalties to fund “Get Access” scholarships to the latino community at large. They partner with NAS Academy as the global education provider to onboard as many lations as possible as quickly as possible into web3. And of course they want to provide greater visibility for latino creators within web3 and NFT sapce.

One of the interesting features of this community are bilingual educational chats – I think I heard someone say that they might really be the first truly bilingual community in web3. Which is very cool.

One nice point – if you check the website, there’s a merch shop tab which is already functional so you can jump in, check it out and maybe support them with your dollar if you like what you see.

The mint date is TBD – but rumors say it will be in April and price is also TBD.

Check them out here:

That’s it for today NFT fam, Cheers till tomorrow!

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