#36 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Famalam and several projects still minting today

As you know I did a slight change of format and I am talking only about one project which has public mint coming up soon, so you would have time to check it out and get-in if you decide to go for it.

Today I’m gonna introduce Famalam:

I know, crazy name šŸ™‚ But very cool art. Just go to the website and play with the newsstand – it’s awesome! 

Their first collection will consist of 6,555 randomly generated NFTs and introduces the first of eight FAMALAM characters called – GOONY. Everything is designed by artist Chris B. Murray and the art is the utility for the start. Important fact is that GOONY holders will be eligible to mint NFTs of the other 7 FAMALAM characters for no additional cost (except gas fees, of course).

There are of course different chapters of FAMALAM story coming together with physical collectibles like toys, prints and clothing, and digital and physical experiences and GOONY unlocks that all. If you want to get the feel what you might expect in terms of physical toys definitely check the wiki link in the notes. You’ll see the team has long history of physical toys and merch.

GOONYs will start mint on March 8th for 0.1 ETH.

Check the Famalam family here:

And I also want to mention projects which I introduced on the podcast before and which are (still) minting now so you have a chance to get in:

That’s all for today! Have a geat day where ever you are and stay safe!

Cheers till tomorrow!

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