#35 Daily NFTs Minute – today about 90s Babes with reminder where to support πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Today I’m talking about 90s Babes and reminding all about options to support Ukrainian people.

So I’m changing gears a bit and I will talk today only about one project which has public mint coming up today on March 3rd – 90sBabes.

As most of you know, March is Women History Month so I plan to showcase more women led projects and I hope to see a lot more female led projects launching during March. Let’s be considered guys and leave March to ladies πŸ™‚

90s babes is women led and women focused project.

It is led by women who grew up in the 90s. It has simple yet powerful mission to onboard more women into the NFTs and web3 spaces through local communities. They also envision that forming a DAO, through which the community will be able to pitch nonprofits and charities that they believe in, to receive our financial support. Of course, there’re community wallet, merch store, IRL events and donations on the roadmap.

Team is completely doxxed and super enthusiastic, as I can attest from visiting several Spaces. 90sBabes is the collection of 10.000 NFTs which will mint for 0.07 ETH. Pre-sale finished on March 2 and public mint will start today on March 3.

Check 90sBabes here:

One more thing, I want to use the this space to remind everyone that support for Ukraine is still needed and these are just a few options you can use:

Amazing thing of NFTs and web3 is that it does not matter if you mint or buy on secondary, you’re helping with proceeds and royalties so please make those markets alive!

Cheers till tomorrow!

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