#34 Daily NFTs Minute – today about Pocket Friends and The Interfaces suprising end

Pocket Friends & Interfaces

The first project I’m talking about today is Pocket Friends;

Pocket friends is a curated hand-drawn collection of 10.000 colorful characters on the mission to promote a positivity for children and their parents through the art of storytelling. Each pocket friend is 1 of 1 based on a combination of randomized attributes.

There are chameleon calvin, squirt the turtle, rip the badger, duck Sonya, or betty hamster each trying to help kids to do different positive things like feel good about themselves, help to focus or help angry kids to feel loved and being part of something bigger. The plan is to create a global crowdsourced community that will focus on promoting diversity, teamwork, knowledge, integrity, patience, understanding, and love. 

I say we need to teach positivity and understanding to our kids (and ourselves) more than ever!

The core team is and idea started with Colton Underwood (well known TV personality and author) and Camron Johnson (accomplished illustrator) as friends and hearing them talk in Spaces it is clear this work is based on their own experience. 

Roadmap has main focus on children’s books and animated series and also pocket friends will publish a children’s mobile app, create apparel, and launch a variety of products with the goal to promote a positive human culture. 

Pocket friends will mint in March with date TBD and prices will be 0.12 eth (inclusion list) and 0.15 eth (public sale).

Check them out here:

The second project I’m talking about today is The Interfaces:

The Interfaces is a project which has finished! Rembember that. It is a sad reminder that hype has also dark side and expectations can crush any genuine enthusiasm if they grow out of control. 

Main reason I’m talking about Interfaces end is to make sure you guys don’t fall for any scams sending you links for surprise or stealth mints. Stay safe. Know that the team did their best and decided to stop the project before taking anyones money.

Read the article from the team if you wanna know more and think about the Interfaces story as a great reminder of honest approach and of the fact that teams and avatars are hiding real humans with their vulnerabilities and lives outside of Twitter.

Find more here:

That’s it for today! Stay safe and cheers till tomorrow!

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