#33 Daily NFTs Minute – today about RELI3F to support Ukraine and two fem-led projects minting this weekend

RELI3F – Support Ukraine effort

Today is a bit special because I only talk about one project and then I mention briefly two projects whose mint dates are this weekend and I talked about them more before on the podcast.

The project I wanto to highlight today is RELI3F:

I guess we are/were all horrified by the war which started in Ukraine. Maybe even more because there are many Ukrainien friends here in web3 space and it’s hard to imagine what it feels like when someone invades your country and home. RELI3F in my eyes is the shining example of positive things web3 community is able to do. 

It started with a tweet from Andrew Wang which was picked up by Satvik Sethi and they’ve put into motion the idea of raising money for Ukraine with help of prolific NFT artist friends. In less than 24h they’ve put together 30+ artists, prepared a collection of donated pieces and run a mint whose whole initial and secondary proceeds will go directly to support Ukraine. 

They’ve raised $1m+ in this short period and you can go on OpenSea and pick something from the collection even now on secondary.
This episode short just to applaud to @andrwwang and @sxtvik and all the artists for putting @reli3fxyz together fast and selflessly.

Check out RELI3F here:

And on a bit happier note, I just wanted to remind everyone interested that this weekend two of my favorite female-led projects are minting:

That’s it for today and cheers till Monday!

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