#32 Daily NFTs Minute – today about GenomesDAO and Calladita Film

The first project I’m talking about today is GenomesDAO:

Super interesting project where GenomesDAO is building Your DNA bank. This is potentially huge, because right now all genomic data stay with the companies like 23andme but here, you not only get your cool Geneticat PFP, but also a DNA testing kit and assurance that 100% of your genome will be sequence. Results will be locked in Genome Mining Wault accessible only with your crypto wallet. That means you can decide in the future to participate in research which pharmaceutical companies or university labs do by providing your genomic data as part of the larger set and be rewarded for it.

Also on the roadmap there’s a secret generative art piece based on your genome. That should be pretty unique! 

It’s a definitely long term project and recommend checking details on the website below before the mint. I’ve heard guys speak on Spaces with Zeneca and they got me, I love it! 

Mint is coming on Monday – Feb28 with price TBA in ETH.

Check everything GenomesDAO here:

The second project I’m talking about today is Calladita Film:

Project by filmaker Miguel Faus who produced a short film from 2019 which received a lot of awards on different festivals. The project aims to raise money for the full feature film production. There are 4 NFT tiers with different levels of rewards and important point is that NFT holders will have a chance to share the movie fame. The cast looks great, distribution is pre-agreed and you will be supporting independent movie producers ethos.

Through parthership with artists there will be also the CALLADITA ART COLLECTION: a series of 1/1 pieces inspired by Calladita and created especially for this drop.

Calladita movie is about summer, spain, class-differences, preseverence and surely love. I definitely recommend you check out at least the website and short video from Miguel.

Mint is coming on March 2nd with price TBD.

Check everything GenomesDAO here:

That’s it for today. Cheers till tomorrow!

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