#31 Daily NFTs Minute – today about PFP projects – Robotos and Angel Alliance

Robotos & Angel Alliance

The first project I’m talking about today is Robotos:

Robotos is a collection of droid characters designed by Pablo Stanley. Robotos generated by combining 170+. It’s already past launch but still worth checking out. With your Roboto you get different image assets including an animated GIF, PNG, and SVG file (which is resolution free = great for prints.)

The roadmap has things like chance to buy NFTs of Roboto’s backstory development, exclusive NFT drops at least once per month. interesting collabs, the thing I like a lot -> Roboto Workshop as a place where different experiments and upgrades with botos happen. Right now it has Banner builder, place to suitup your roboto and create robopets =loyal companions to your Roboto and more…

Check Robotos out here:

The second project I’m talking about today is artists focused Angel Alliance:

Angel Alliance is co-founded by Mady and Bruno and wants to support women entrepreneurs empowerment via the skills and funding they need to grow. Fundig should be coming via DAO and community decission/vote with additional plans to help connect investors and entrepreneurs. The roadmap says they plan to support 8+ start-ups within the first year (which is wow) and plan si to allocate up to $15k per project. 

And it seems Angel Allliance is aiming at the projects IRL, not just other web3 projects. There’s a White Paper with lots of facts about female entreprenuship but missing the part how will the DAO receive any proceeds back from IRL invested projects. They have live discord and interesting art. There will be 6,666 NFTs in this collection with mint price TBD. But mint date is set for 12th March 2022. 

See more info about the Angel Alliance here:

That’s all for today guys and gals. Cheers till tomorrow!

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