#30 Daily NFTs Minute – today about PFP projects – MojoHeads and Robo Frens

MojoHeads & Robo Frens

The first project I’m talking about today is artists focused MojoHeads:

And MojoHeads have a simple mission to help artists be seen. It’s a collection of official rookie cards for emerging artists. Artists are nominated by their peers and you can collect the rising stars of the NFT art world. There were two groups minted so far. Typically 20+ artists in a group with 21 expressions for each. Future MojoHeads will be selected by the previous group and I like that each has QR code leading to the artist’s profile, and some are signed, etc. 

It’s basically fun to just browse the collection and see people’s profiles behind these PFPs. For the upcoming Group C mint – aprox. April, you need a Mint Pass which you can either get or buy on OS.

Definitely recommend to check them out:

The second project I’m talking about today is cheeky Robo Frens:

RoboFrens looks like a cheeky PFP project of group of friends creating little robots avatars. They are minting now (since yesterday). Each robofren is made up with over one hundred exciting traits. There’re typical things on the roadmap like merch and swag (in March), roboDAO with treasury where holders will be participating in coordination of the treasury use. Then staking and other utility should be coming and of course, IRL events, giveaways and collaborations and Roadmap 2.0.

I’m not sure what more apart from unique PFP can Robo Frens offer, but you may love them just for the art.

Check them out here:

Cheers till tomorrow. 

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