#29 Daily NFTs Minute – today about female led and female focused projects – Women Of The Future 2.0 and The Boss Ladies

The Boss Ladies & Women Of The Future 2.0

The first project I’m talking about today is Women Of The Future 2.0:

WOF are creating 2.0 NFTs collection following on their 100 pcs 1/1 hand-drawn Genesis. WOF 2.0 will have 7777 powerful hand-drawn and randomly generated women cruising blockchain. Collection has over 300+ traits. Main mission is to create an inclusive and safe NFT Community while fighting to end the violence against women. On the roadmap – there’s merch, support for new NFT artists (based on community vote) and 5% of primary sales donation to ActionAid Association Charity Organization as the marker of the Metaverse journey start for WOF community.

Minting is coming on 8th March 2022 and price is set to 0.07 ETH.

Check them out here:

The second project for today is The Boss Ladies: 

The Boss Ladies is also a wonderful name; it’s a collection of 3333 unique female NFTs with the mission to empower and inspire women to invest in themselves and their future. Basically they want to inspire and invest into boss ladies. That’s why there’s no While List but Boss List. 

Plans are to use 10% of all primary sales to invest in small woman owned businesses with the split of 5% going to a woman owned Creators TV and 5% going to 10 women owned businesses chosen by team and community together.  Plus there are some exclusive IRL events for holders in New York and LA and buying land in metaverse, etc. 

There’s no mint date or price yet – but it should happen in March, so we have to wait a bit and see.

Check them out here:

I recommend you check both projects for their colorful art if for nothing else.

Cheers till tomorrow!

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