#28 Daily NFTs Minute – today about contrasting projects – Chill Pills and SeeNoEvil MonkeyArt

ChillPills & SeeNoEvilMonkeyArt

The first project I talk about today is Chill Pills or ChillRX:

ChillPills are very cool PFPs with great mission -> be the medicine for the music industry! The project aims to be the first fully decentralized record label aiming to win Grammy and get that little Grammy statue for every ChillPill holder. Each pill is a unique non-fungible token that grants you exclusive membership access, voting rights, and ownership over a community-controlled musical metaverse. As the founder Sidney Swift says – this is your chance to influence the future of the music industry. 

The project minted out recently but you can buy on secondary with the floor sitting at around mint price but a lot of active trading. Well, everyone is searching for his/her proper pill. I recommend checking their website to see the ChillPills Metaverse plans and the team. One of the benefits for holders should be also access to the team of music industry veterans, so that might be something if you’re into launching your own thing.

Check them out here:

The second project I talk about today is SeeNoEvilMonkeyArt:

I chose this one as an example of a dead project. Not saying it cannot revive itself later, but for the past 2 months after minting out, the discord and OpenSea activity looks as dead as it gets. And these are the first two things you should check out if you think about buying into any project.

I came across this project because I saw someones avatar and I like the art and the idea to combine profile pictures with a social message to create awareness for the important issues of our time. Some of those monkeys are really cool. There were only 333 of them. Created by two broghers, members of Zen Academy, SeeNoEvilMonkeyArt had big plans to focus the first colleciton on education. Especially children edu. Well, maybe they are working on collection 2.0 and just forgot to communitace with everyone.

So be careful out there, remember this is how a dead project looks like – when you research (DYOR) – join the discord, check the floor price and sales velocity on OS and see for yourself.

Check them out here:

That’s it for today. Cheers till tomorrow.

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