#27 Daily NFTs Minute – today talking about fem led projects – Not Your Bro and Girl Code Club

Girl Code Club & Not Your Bro

The first project I talk about today is Not Your Bro:

Not Your Bro fully female led project, which will bring a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs designed by Co-Founder, Natalie. From my perspective super colorful and cool art. As you might guess from the name, the project stands for empowerment, support and inclusivity. I like when you join a discord you “promise” not to assume anyones gender. 

Roadmap includes Non-Profit Support with part of mint proceeds as well as of monthly royalties, Artist Support Fund focusing on other female & LGBTQIA+ led projects by purchasing their NFTs. Online store, global expansion of ‘Female Owned’ with inclusion of a networking portal at FemaleOwned.com.au with the goal to build the largest female owned businesses global directory. Then of course some events and brand partnerships where I could see interesting potential.

Mint is coming up on Feb 27th and 28th, with each artwork price of 0.08 ETH. Even if you are not buying I’d still recommend to just check their website for colorful art sneak peak;

The second project I talk about is Girl Code Club:

Girl Code Club is a women-led NFT project consisting of 8.000 semi-randomly generated artworks, made from 240 hand drawn traits by Jodie a 25 year old digital artist from Amsterdam. And for now it is one-woman team project which means it needs all the support and love you can give it. It also means it’s not your typical PFP hyped project but slowly growing audience.

The project stands for women empowerment and inclusivity. Jodie wants women from all over the world to feel represented inside the NFT space which I believe we all can support. Roadmap includes supporting women in need where examples might be – needing funds to pay tuition fees, to start a kick-ass business or to get a medical treatment. These women will be nominated and chosen by the community. Purchasing art from upcoming NFT artists, donation to “Free a girl” charity. There will be some signed prints for early supporters and more.

Launch date is still TBD with very affordable pricing of 0.04 ETH for presale and 0.05 ETH for public sale.

Cheers till tomorrow!

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