#26 Daily NFTs Minute – today talking about Enchanted Valley and The Divergents

The Divergents & Enchanted Valley

The first project I talk about today is Enchanted Valley:

Enchanted Valley is mysterious world hidden at the edge of time and space…it is harmoniuous and beautiful world holding secrets. It will be the world of digital avatar collectibles randomly generated from a record breaking ~1500 traits, across 5 drops of 2200 NFTS each, i.e. 11000 NFTs. 

It has kind of misterious vibe and colorful calming visuals which probably should be expected from made-up world. Anyway I’m happy it’s not another apocalyptic theme project. Having a global team it seems we shall expect a lot. They definitely want to celebrate diversity and I kind of like that the project is not hyped. I hope it’s by choice and not by lack of skills.

Roadmap includes things like: monthly learning, healing, music and cultural events, parties and global festival celebrations, monthly story releases which can be developed by community and impact support program and more. Future NFT collections may include e.g. animal companions, loot bags with wondrous possessions, spells etc. 

Drop #1 – The Fae is coming on 28th Feb. The Fae is tiny, elf-like creatures belonging to The Order Of The Land.

Right now, you can mint or buy The Artifact carrying future utilities for early belivers as well as free mint on the first The Fae collection drop in February.

Read all about them here:

The second project I talk about is The Divergents: 

A collection of 2022 unique NFTs hand-drawn by artist Marek Ehrenberger initiating a web3 philanthropic DAO. The Divergents are here to reconfigure the new world paradigm. The 2022 unique characters are divided into 10 tribes of different human mindsets which I find cool and interesting. If you like the project you may choose your current or desired mindset avatar accordingly. There are tribes for Artists, Digital Alchemysts, Animal Spirits, Entreprenurs, Inventors, Mindful Masters, and more…

Art is amazingly colorful and that’s what I like about it. There are events, support for good causes and future collections on the roadmap. You can receive physical prints if you’ll hold more than two, The DAO treasury will receive 33% of the net proceeds from the public mint and part of proceeds from secondary (not saying how much).

The mint is coming on Feb 22nd and will be priced at 0.1 ETH.

Check them out here if you like colorful art:

And that was it for today! Cheers till tomorrow!

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