#25 Daily NFTs Minute – today talking about Tribe X and Floppy

TribeX & Floppy NFT

The first project I’m talking about today is Tribe X:

The story starts with humans on the verge of extinction. To survive and finally earn our fair share, The 12 Tribes must unite and give life to Tribe X. Tribe X will be starting with 11,111 female avatars with cool-looking art. The team says: “we’ve decided to start with women because women are the reason for our existence. Without women, there would be no civilization”. I like that. Just a caveat Tribe X is not female-led team but there are females on the team.

A portion of the net mint proceeds will be donated to charity, part will be reinvested into the Tribe X Ecosystem to form The Tribe X DAO, stand up  $TRIBEXFIRE utility token and Tribe X Agency. These shall be the pillars of the Tribe X ecosystem for NFT holders. Of course, 3D Avatars and merch are planned too. If you are interested, I’d recommend reading their nicely done Whitepaper – which is more of ideation paper, don’t look for too much detail. 

Mint date and mint price are both TBD. 

Check them out here because visuals are looking very cool:

The second project I talk about today is Floppy NFT:

Floppy NFT caught my eye on Twitter with its cheeky and fun-looking avatars. I dug into it a bit and apart from the cheeky website with floppy running through a roadmap I’ve found a semi-doxxed team i.e. two artists have some real socials and even a webpage and the rest of the team looks like avatars that are just starting.

The roadmap is simple and unimaginative – holders will have a chance to participate in exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, character and story development, game and series production. Of course, some metaverse world-building, and more…will (maybe) come.

It’s an example of a project you should stay away from until it proves itself. But this is just my opinion. If you like floppy visuals and you don’t expect to make money from it, then nothing can stop you.

The mint date is set for Feb 19th and 20th and the price shall be 0.07 ETH.

Check them out here:

That’s all for today. Cheers till tomorrow.

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