#24 Daily NFTs Minute – today talking about Martian Premier League (MPL) and Women Tribe

Women Tribe & Martian Premier League

The first project I talk about today is Martian Premier League (MPL):

The lore for MPL goes along the lines of professor Gaffer setting up a new football league on Mars. He’s building a transporter capable of beaming 9000 humans up to Mars. His mission? To build a new football league that would embody the values of the game he used to know and love. You might have guessed that they are building a game.  

The upcoming genesis PFP mint art is created by Rupert Gruber (Marvel, Sony, Universal) and will act not only as your character but also as your mint pass to the whole Mars Universe. Holders’ first reward will ability to create a genesis player who can operate in the Martian Premier League (separate NFT on L2). This additional NFT will act as the gateway for participation in the Martian Premier League and all the mechanics outlined in their whitepaper. The team has worked for two of the largest franchises on the planet: Harry Potter and Marvel and they are ZenAcademy members, so I have high expectations from this one.

Mint should be on March 2nd so there’s time. Definitely check them out:

The second project of today is just minting and is called Women Tribe: 

Women Tribe Is a female-led project which has put enormous efforts into building a community of like-minded and supportive people in the past several months. I’ve been watching it since their early days and it is remarkable. Project founder Izzy has a very distinctive art style which I like. 

The ultimate goal is to help women and all people embrace their inner divinity and power. Some of our long-term highlights to accomplish over the next years include Scholarship & Charity, Epic Events, Community Wallet, Merch…

10.000 Woman Tribe members are programmatically generated from over 900 hand-drawn traits, minting started on Feb 15th and the price is 0.04 ETH.

That’s all for today. Cheers till tomorrow!

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