#23 Daily NFTs Minute – today talking about Invisible Friends and Sad Bots

SadBots & Invisible Friends

The first project I’m mentioning today is Invisible Friends:

Invisible Friends is a project you’ve definitely heard about if you’ve been around NFTs Twitter for at least a week. It’s everywhere. Just their Twitter account has over 460k followers. It’s another project of Swedish dude Markus Magnusson and Random Character Collective. Whatever these guys did before was always a big hit, so I have no doubt Invisible Friends will rock it too. 

They are minting on Feb 23rd and the price will be 0.25 ETH. 

The second project I’m gonna talk about is Sad Bots:

Sad Bots is an NFT project coming from the future where after humankind’s extinction there are Sad Bot servants remaining on the planet with no one to serve. 8.888 fully 3D avatars ready for Metaverse. Full 3D files will be made available to holders. Other things from the roadmap include the secret trait-specific utilities revealed after the sellout. Sad Bot Donation to a mental health charity, merch, and IP brand building towards Sad Bots becoming a household name in the NFT and web3 space.

The mint is planned for Feb 17th and the price will be 0.15 ETH for Whitelist members and the rest will be sold via Dutch auction starting at 0.5 ETH to 0.2 ETH.

That’s it for today. Cheers till tomorrow.

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