#22 Daily NFTs Minute – today talking about Squiggle Papi and PeterArt and MonikaNFT

Love is Eternal & SquigglePapi

Today is a little different, I’m not talking about large collections but about two small collections made by individual artists. Mainly because it sometimes feels like individual artists are harder to spot among avalanche of hyped PFP collections.

The first project I talk about is Squiggle Papi Digital 2022:

It’s a collection of 1/1 digital editions from Eric Karbeling aka SquigglePapi.eth. Eric is the large murals Honolulu based artist. After an office job he found his style and passion in transforming environments via murrals. His art is colorful and dreamy almost hypnotic imagery.
Eric has not only cool NFTs but also very nice merch shop from his Out of Office Tour. Loving it and seriously considering ordering few pieces.

Check out his web: https://www.erickarbeling.com
And OS collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/squigglepapi

The second project for today is Love is Eternal:

It si the collaboration collection between Monika and Peter and that’s why today you’ll hear about three artists today. They are known for a small abstract and colourful collection called “Petronika”. This time, with Love is Eternal, they’ve done a litte bit more melancholic visuals but e.g. I like them more than Petronika. Love is Eternal is a collection of just 20 items minted on Polygon which is great – you’ll pay almost no fees.

Check the collection on OS here: https://opensea.io/coll ection/love-is-eternal

Shortly about each artist:


is Ukrainian artist which has number of collections and collaborations as you can see from his Linktree. He’s enjoying abstract art and a lot of colors. I bumped into him and Monika through their Love is Eternal collection which caught my eye.

Peter’s Linktree: https://linktr.ee/PeterArt18


is an abstract artist using a lot of wonderful colors in all of her collections. She’s very productive so check out her Linktree. if you’re curious.

Monika’s Linktree: https://linktr.ee/MonikasArt

That’s it for today. Cheers till tomorrow!

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