#21 Daily NFTs Minute – today talking about SuperBLOX and FuDaoVerse

SuperBLOX and FuDaVerse

The first project I talk about today is called superBLOX:

It’s a project from NounPunks crew where the plan is simple; to create/transform 9969 2D NounPunks heads into 9969 3D metaverse ready bodies. The first cool thing is that it will be again cc0 project = fully open-source for your use, modification, adjustments. You will not only receive full-body 3D model it will be possible after mint to download hi-res PFP-ready cropped images of your 3D model from different angles, so you can flex them on social media.

Also important that superBLOX avatars will be rigged for use and playability in all the most popular Metaverse games and platforms including Decentraland and Sandbox!

Mint is coming on Feb 16th and all NounPunks holders will have what a Platinum Tier VIP Mint pass. There are two more minting Tiers, with sligtly higher pricing -> Gold (0.069 ETH) and Silver = public (0.089 ETH).

All these prices are very affordable given the quality and universality of the superBLOX you will receive. 

The second project I talk about today is FuDaoVerse:

This is completely different style of art than pixels from NounPunks. It’s women led project with Asian roots. They’re bringing oriental fusion artwork in 8.888 Divine Celestials to blockchain and want to highlight the inner warrior & fun personality in all of us. In collaboration with Chinese Artist, Li Shuang every Celestial will have its own unique combination of over 800 characteristics, personality and features. Which sounds nice.

It’s one of these projects which you have to see to either really like it or not. There’s a community DAO, merchandise and cartoon series on the roadmap.

They’ll be minting on Feb 14th for 0.088 ETH.

You can still buy something called VIP OG Pass on OpenSea and it gives you free mint (1x) from each 4 collections they plan, which means that if you like the project this is the most economical way of entering.

Check the FuDaoVerse website here: https://www.fudaoverse.com

That’s all for today. Cheers till tomorrow!


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