#20 Daily NFTs Minute – talking about – Remarkable Women NFT and Year Of The Woman

Year Of The Woman – Remarkable Women NFT

The first project I talk about today is Year Of The Woman by Yasmin Shima:

Yasmin is self taught digital artist from Bondi Beach Australia with very elegant style focused on beauty and very interesting life story. With her project she’s creating a story presenting traits of the Woman, their zodiac animal and various fashion pieces as one. Each Woman NFT is uniquely generated from over 250 traits.

Project mint date is set for March 8th – yes, it’s International Women’s Day. Price will be 0.08 ETH. Roadmap includes donations, Art Gallery in Decentraland, physical prints, collaborations and more…

The art looks very female focused with kind of nostalgic coloring to me. Yasmin definitely has an interesting story which might resonate with many of you – how she struggled to become the teacher and sought after artist IRL and soon as well as in NFT space. Check the story and the project here:

The second project I mention today is Remarkable Women:

This is the project with art by the illustrator Rachel Winter launched by House of First. You can look forward to Vibrant colours and wild patterns. Very different style than the above mentioned Year Of The Woman. Collection certainly is tribute to diversity sending out vibrant energy. 

Quoting here: “Remarkable Women is celebration and ode to all women inspired by the perspectives of fashion, feminism, and cultural diversity. The collection showcases powerful messages of hope, inspiration, and affirmation in 10 languages, with featured phrases including “Loved, Royal, Icon, Valid, Queen”, that together make this collection truly remark-able.”

On the roadmap there are re-markable IRL events, merchandise, education, and more…

It just minted out yesterday but available on secondary for reasonable price and if you want to take your chance – there is a chance that after reveal the floor will drop because there are number of large minters in this collection and most large minters will go for rarity and sell the rest after reveal.

Check the project here:

Cheers till tomorrow!

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