#19 Daily NFTs Minute – today I talk about – Crypto Tech Women and Avril15.eth

avril15.eth and Crypto Tech Women

The first project I talk about today is CTW – Crypto Tech Women NFTs:

It’s a female led project with purpose to support and empower women to be in tech and succeed in tech. They plan to do it (and are already doing it) through community and education. There are regular weekly space with female only panels hosted by CTW. The Crypto Tech Women is a collection of 8,888 NFTs, each unique and randomly generated from 14 different traits and 140 different attributes.

They plan to do things like:

  • web3 bootcamp which will be online edu platform on web3 topics 
  • club – for owners w/specific trait – where they’ll receive % of secondary royalties for 18 months (that’s new)
  • pay you 50% of commercial royalties if they use your CTW commercially
  • community fund to support creators making valuable contributions to CTW space

Fully doxxed team passionate about supporting women. The minting happens on Feb 24th for pre-sale list and will cost 0.06 ETH. On Feb 26th comes public sale for 0.07 ETH. Check them out here:

The website: https://www.cryptotechwomennft.com

The second project I mention today is Avril15:

This is an artistic project, so no fancy roadmap, just hand-made themed art coming. I love the pop-art color schemes, so I’m in!
There are two UK guys behind the project and the main person is the artist – Tim McDonaghil – just check his work and his website, I really like his style and can’t wait what he’s gonna make for Avril15! Check the story behind Avril15 and why she’s stuck in Metaverse:

The links: https://linktr.ee/avril15
I recommend the to try the last link to Lofi Hatti radio!

Tim’s web: mcdonaghillustration.com

Cheers till tomorrow!

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