#17 Daily NFTs Minute – today I talk about – Odd Dystrict and Soulz NFTs

Odd Dystrict and SoulZ NFTs

The first project I mention today is Odd Dystrict:

This is one with very cool and different looking art. That’s why I like it. It’s the story of 5000 of those called Oddys left after the cataclysmic event 10 years ago that wiped out 99.97% of the population and left the planet ravaged by radioactive matter. Speciel technology made heart pieces work and the story goes on. Cool team with members with Hollywood movies tech creation experience. 

You have full commercial right to your Oddy, holders will have a chance to claim collection of artefacts, there should merch and so on. It’s really just starting and their discord is alive with good floor price to enter if you like it.

The website: https://the-odd-dystrict.com/
OS Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/the-odd-dystrict-official

The second project I talk about today is Soulz NFTs:

Soulz are 7,777 chosen warriors in the year 3027 AD fighting evil regime. It’s Asian project wiht manga looks. Kind of Azuki style. If you like Azuki, you’ll also like this one. Its release is planned for 20th Feb. From my side, the art is dope and there are Ramen shops and Orbs and mutations through Ramed dishes planned on the roadmap.

Fully doxxed and pretty large team which makes it look serious. Check them out:

The website: https://www.soulz.xyz

Cheers till tomorrow!

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