#16 Daily NFTs Minute – today I talk about – Bad Bears and Fierce (ladies) NFTs

The first project for today is Bad Bears: 

Bad Bears are Ethereum based NFTs and ecosystem. There’re 5,555 of them. Each NFT generates passive yield paid in $MSK token which is listed on some second tier exchanges already. You also get an exclusive access to Bear Labs drops and DAO vote. What might interest some is that there’s a lottery among bear holders to win trip to space. Bears are minting right now for 0.15 ETH.  

Check them out here: 

The website: https://badbears.io 
OS collection: https://opensea.io/collection/badbearsgenesis 

The second project for today is Fierce NFTs: 

Fierce is a 100% female-led team with experience in fashion, advertising, and entertainment. They’ll be speaking at VeeCon this year (2022) and plan to donate portion of sales to women-focused charities. Fierce is dropping 10,000 NFTs based on 10 real fashion models and they are minting now for 0.07 ETH.  

Check them out here: 

The website: https://fiercestudiosnft.io/minting 
OS Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/fierce-models 

Cheers till tomorrow!

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