#15 Daily NFTs Minute – today I talk about – Impermanent Digital and MONA


The first project I talk about today is Impermanent Digital:

This is very cool looking project with idea of using AI to generate art and evolve  AI-visualized art avatars (that’s why impermanent). They started with series 1 as CryptoPunks derivatives which you can check on OpenSea. You can burn and re-born your avatars, there are tools to let you simulate the process and see available options for your specific avatar. Simply cool.

It is definitely a must-look-at for anyone interested in art and experimentation on blockchain. it’s jampacked website and discord but if that gets you interested I’m sure you can spend hours playing there and even minting AI generated artworks. Check them out.

The website: https://impermanent.digital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/impermanentID

The second project I mention is Mona:

As they say: “Mona is seeding the open metaverse through the creation and use of beautiful, unique 3D Spaces”. Three friends with AR/VR experiences from working with companies like Magicleap, Snap, Dreamworks started building the open metaverse just for you which you can take anywhere.

There are very cool things on the roadmap like multiplayer, interactivity, artists royalties, tokens for gated access and of course, VR/AR support on and it all looks pretty exciting. Spaces presented are beutiful, I’d love one and there should be more dropping soon, so check them out and choose your own space if you wish.

The website: https://www.mona.gallery
Twitter: https://twitter.com/monaverse

And that’s it for today. Cheers till tomorrow!


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