#14 Daily NFTs Minute – today I talk about – Non-Fungible Heroes (minting now) and Master9Eyes (minting soon)


The first project for today is – Non-Fungible Heroes:

Non-Fungible Heroes is a collection of Heroes, Villains and Gods on a mission to educate, empower, and inspire our community and the pop culture world. Basically NF Heroes team is on their way to Hollywood and some more interesting announcements in this direction shall be coming during next few weeks. There’s a comic book & staking game in the making for in early 2022 with interesting tokenomics – from what I’ve heard on Spaces. Apart from the roadmap, I think you’ll like their top-notch art.

Two collections of Heroes and Villains are available on secondary now.


And their last Gods collection is (slowly) minting now for 0.077 ETH.


‍The second project for today is – Master9Eyes (M9E):

I am mentioning this one for all of you who like physical items with or of their NFTs. This is your project. Team behing M9E is led by the guy who is managing Purearts (https://www.purearts.com/) which is a company producign physicals for brands like Cyberpunk2077, The Whitcher, Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed etc. So you are in good hands.

Holders of every collection will have access to special drops (both physical & digital), M9Ξ events and merch. Holders of the first collection will have some more advantages like double vote in DAO and drop priority. You will be able to influence the next collection’s direction and I’m sure there will be priority access to potentially very interesting collab collections in the future. It’s really a top notch team.

You can check the Master9Eyes here:



Upcoming Mint will be for 0.099Ξ Presale + 0.129Ξ Public Sale with 999 Supply.

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