#12 Daily NFTs Minute – today’s two projects are – Girlies and SoundMint


The first project I talk about is Girlies:

Recently minted and rising to popularity on secondary market is father and daughter project of generative NFT collection with a purpose. All art created and illustrated by 14-year-old digital artist Valeria. She created over 300 traits while her dad was learning the tech of generative NFT creation. 

Valeria hopes that her NFT project can bring more inclusivity and diversity into the NFT space while also inspiring women and young girls from all over the world to pursue art and anything they set their mind to. Almost quoting here.

The website: https://girlies.art

OS collection: https://opensea.io/collection/girlies-nft/

The second project of today is SoundMint:

SoundMint is a platform for creating musical compositions mixed with visual elements. They recently launched their genesis drop called We-Are-Kloud to prove the platform. THey have a great roadmap which started with mentioned genesis drop and continues towards things like

Create curated collections of NFT drops in collaboration with music artists

Create a dashboard to burn and remix NFTs to create new collectibles

Develop open-source contracts for algorithmic music creation

Create marketplace

Release cross-chain integration feature for future NFT drops

host real-world events

integrate into metaverse

and more…

I definitely like all NFT drops which are made of generative musical compositions combined with visual elements.

The website: https://soundmint.xyz/

OS genesisi collection: https://opensea.io/collection/we-are-kloud

Cheers till tomorrow!

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