#11 Daily NFTs Minute – today two projects working on tools for NFT buyers – Mintify.me and WhaleTogether


Today I talk about projects providing utility to more regular buyers of NFTs which can be even You!

The first comes project called Whale Together:

It is a collection of 7,777 Alpha Whales where each Alphie fren will get you access to the tools, to alpha and educational channels in discord and also DAO voting power. What is impressive and I’m looking forward to it a lot is the companion tools coming as they should add massive value to your NFT buying experience. 

It will be Chrome/Brave extension that sits on top of Opensea and provides missing info without clicking around, like: rarity rankings, top traits, quick buy button, mint from contract, real time gas tracker, and in the future mass bidding, mass listing and more. It will be dope!

Alphies are coming soon: 

Presale is Feb 3rd at 7pm EST

Public mint is Feb 4th

both at price of 0.077 ETH

Check out their website: https://whaletogether.com

Check out their white paper: https://whaletogether.gitbook.io/whale-paper/

The second project I’m talking about today is called Mintify.me:

Mintify.me should be in its essence NFT drop notificaiton platform with some added benefits. As members-only web3 platform it should help you discover and mint your next favorite NFT through smart notifications of upcoming drops, presale, and whitelist events. 

The platform and iOS and Android apps won’t be live before March 2022 but presales are happening in February. 

January 2022 – 1st Presale – 0.09 ETH – with 453/2222 Membership NFTs

February 2022 – 2nd Presale – 0.19 ETH – with 500/2222 Membership NFTs

February 2022 – Public Sale – 0.29 ETH – with remaining 1269/2222 Membership NFTs

March 2022 – we should see Web Platform Launch for Members

and Summer 2022 – it should be Public Web Platform Launch – meaning you will be able to join the platform for monthly membership fee (if you won’t have membership NFT)

Mintify.me has impressive team of tech veterans and even though I’m not sure how they wanna do what they claim they will do, it definitely looks interetsting. Though I suggest you spend more time thinking about investing than usual.

Check out their website: https://www.mintify.me/about

Check out their white paper: https://www.mintify.me/_files/ugd/f8ed9c_0c4ad3dc15fa48ceb567fe3ca6b45d23.pdf

Hope you find these tools useful, helpful or at least interesting.

And cheers till tomorrow!

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