#8 Daily NFTs Minute – today under the radar generative art projects minting now


The first project I want to highlight today is called Hypnotica:

This project is minting now, actually started yesterday. I like it because it produces interesting colliding shapes. They say it’s a ballance between chaos and order, between noise and harmony, between sharpness and smoothness all colliding into one.

It seems to me kind of hypnotic. Maximum of 2048 Hypnotica will ever be produced and if nothing, I’d at least go and check their website, because even the website is very cool!


The second project of generative art which I find fascinating is called Nebula41

Why I like it is that it generates artwork based on your words and choices – so kind of like based on your story. And you can keep changing the story until you’re satisfied before you mint. 

They say they are the first AI generated art collection on Ethereum with MP4 visual rendering. Well, can’t say I have seen anything like it before. MP4 rending which gives you effectively moving artwork is cool, plans to have $PAINT token which you will accrue if your Nebula is not listed and you can redeem it for e.g. additional music added to your canvas or physical prints are nice touches.


Both projects have doxxed teams and are minting now. Both are flying under the hype radar so they mint slow which can be a good or bad thing. It’s on you to decide. I find it refreshing that there’s something without FOMO. Remember DYOR before spending any money. 

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