#7 Daily NFTs Minute – morning heads up on two hot projects from the NFTs space – today smaller collections of music NFTs (Fifi Rong and Nifty Sax)


Today I’m highligting two music NFTs projects with smaller collections and kind of collector’s vibe. Not your typical 10.000 pcs collection, that’s what I’m saying!

The first one is called Nifty Sax Spheres 

It’s a collection of meditative, solo saxophone music which is coded into 55 unique, audio-reactive tokens with total supply of 385 pcs. Floor is good 0.033 ETH at the time of recording and I really enjoy how these spheres resonate on screen depending on frequency. Very cool.


The second project I’m mentioning today is called Harmony by Fifi Rong and Nifty Sax

It’s a collaboration on longer term roadmap of meditative sax & vocal music NFTs for which you need to register and be chosen (wohoo!). It’s a 7 weeks roadmap with 7 drops each one focused on on chakra healing. I love the idea, I hope I will be chosen and I suggest you check it out. This will also be a key to NiftySax’s and Fifi Rong’s upcoming collections.


Cheers till tomorrow!

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